Sunday, October 18, 2009

WDW 2009

After we sent all of our stuff in a moving truck headed for Texas we hopped on a plane to Orlando to spend a week at Disney World. Amanda had been to Disney in the last decade but I hadn't been in over two decades and this was our first time to go together. We got there on my birthday so it was great because they gave us a gift card to buy stuff since we already had tickets. Another great thing about the time we were there was it was the International Wine & Food Festival so there were booths from tons of different countries and those booths had great food and wines to try.

We have decided that October is a great time to go because the weather is nice and the lines aren't that long. During our week there we visited all for Disney parks and also visited the two parks at Universal Studios. We really liked the rides at Universal & Adventure Island and were really glad we spent a couple days there. Another thing we enjoyed was our resort that we stayed at, the Wyndham Bonnett Creek was a great resort with a shuttle to all the Disney parks.

All in all it was a great trip and we look forward to the day we can go back!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Today was officially our last day in locals that is...I am sure we will be back again but probably only as visitors.

These past 2 years have been many things:

a wild ride
trying times
once in a lifetime experience
horizon broadening
marriage building
faith testing
a great adventure
culture shock
unforgettable (in both good & bad ways)

I could probably go on forever! We are truly going to miss this place - because well we just love city life and trying new things :) God truly blessed us with an amazing opportunity to share our lives in a new town, new city & new culture! His divine plans are sometimes challenging but almost always rewarding on the flip side. We can see the impact we have left behind and Praise God for His work in NJ & NYC!

I am still trying to fathom life without Broadway musicals, weekend trips to Boston, apple picking, trips down the shore, subway & train rides - just public transportation in general, working on Wall St, Christmas in NYC, Soupman, Nuts for Nuts, Dean & Deluca, picnics in Central Park, shopping at Union Square, day trips to Princeton, citylights, South Seaport dinners....its definitely going to be a change! But we will press on and enjoy life back in Texas with real Mexican food, real COWBOY Football, real families dinners & holidays! Its going to be great!

Today we completed our 2 year tour with a trip to St Pauls Chapel, Trinity Church, Stone Street, dinner at Spotted Pig in the West Village, dessert at Milk & Cookies!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Family Ties

We have been anticipating the arrival of Chris' family for sometime now and they finally arrived! Chris & I had made plans for several fun things in NYC as well as a trip to Atlantic City & Princeton. The weather cooperated and we were able to see & do so much in just a few short days! Everyone arrived on Tuesday afternoon. Chris entertained while I worked :) After work we showed them around Union Square and hit a few of my favorite shops, including Fish's Eddy (check out their website sometime, they have awesome stuff!). Then we headed to Soho for dinner at Hundred Acres, another place worth checking out. The food was incredible and the atmosphere even better! We had the perfect table right on the street. At dinner we announced our big news WE ARE MOVING TO TEXAS! Chris had the creative idea to wrap up our new address and give it to them at dinner. Everyone was so surprised and VERY excited! Wednesday Chris and fam spent the day at Liberty & Ellis Island learning a little while they saw the sites! That evening we had dinner at Alfredo's of Rome. Chris & I had eaten at the one in Rome and the New York location did not disappoint! The service there was incredible and the food was just as expected! Dinner was followed by tickets to Jersey Boys. The show was UNBELIEVABLE! So GREAT! We would go again in a heartbeat! Obviously I highly recommend it!!! Thursday we set out for Atlantic City and enjoyed dinner & a nice walk along the Boardwalk. Its definitely not Vegas but we still had a great time! We stayed the night in ATL City and then set out for Princeton on Friday morning. Princeton is one of Chris & I's favorite NJ cities...probably our most favorite! They have great shops, fabulous food & awesome architecture. We all enjoyed walking around and then had a tasty Italian dinner at Teresa's Caffe. For dessert we checked out The Bent Spoon. They have some serious ice cream and make it fresh from NJ products & produce. Be sure to ask Chris about the habanero pepper & chocolate he tasted :) Saturday was short & sweet, lunch at Nellies and then off to the airport. So easy to say goodbye when you know you will see each other again in 3 weeks!