Saturday, June 28, 2008

Miller Sims Cave

We have a new nephew! Miller Sims Cave arrived at 2:30am this morning weighing 8lbs 5oz and he is 20 inches long. Congratulations Becky, Matthew & Big Sister Emmerson! We love you and can't wait to meet Miller later this year.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shane & Laura

There are so many great things about living near the "center of the universe" as my dad would call it. Mostly we enjoy entertaining visitors and giving them the best tours of NYC - or at least sharing what we know. This weekend was no different. Shane & Laura Seiferd were in from Dallas. They had a wedding to go to in Long Island but worked their travel plans so that we could spend time with them as well. It was great to have some Texas friends around for a few days. We weren't able to do as much in the city as we would have liked but we did get to see Time Square, Hoboken and the great state of New Jersey. The weather made the weekend just perfect! Below are a few pictures...... Thanks Seiferd's for a fabulous weekend! Please come back again soon!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hudson River Adventure

The weather is warm and its time for summer fun! This past weekend we spent an afternoon on the Hudson River. Chris braved the tube & I just enjoyed taking in the sun! Can't wait to do it agian. Thanks to Bill for bringing us along.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


We have found a taste of home - right here in New York City!
BLUE BELL Ice Cream & BBQ.

Last night we spent a really nice evening in the city with our fellow Texan friends Jeff & Cindy Thompson. We met Jeff & Cindy in October while we were selling tickets for the Shane & Shane concert. It was so exciting to meet people who could understand our Texas roots! Over the past months we have enjoyed many outings with them. Just last night Chris was commenting on how amazing it is to look back on their lives and our lives up to this point & to see the relationships, circumstances, opportunities that God allowed to bring us together for this season. We praise God for this season!

Cindy is the perfect NYC tour guide! She always has a new restaurant to try - so this week it was Texas BBQ @ Hill Country BBQ. We have been to some NJ BBQ places and have had some success, but its hard to beat the atmosphere and excitement of the city! There is just so much great stuff all in one place.

This trip was via the North Hoboken ferry so we could stop by and pick up Jeff from work. It was while we waited for Jeff that Chris figured out there was much to celebrate at was Cindy's birthday! We didn't even know. We were so thrilled to be apart of her big day!

We ended the evening back at the Thompson condo overlooking the Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline. Another great night in the Northeast.

See more pictures below...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Happiness is LUBBOCK TEXAS

Last weekend and part of this past week I spent some real time with family in good ole Lubbock Texas. My mom's birthday was Saturday May 31st so it was the perfect suprise! She had no idea I was coming, along with the rest of my family. Susan took all those pictures along with many others - once I have them I will post them. We had a great time cooking out and enjoying the triple digit heat. Summer is here! We bought my nephew a pool to beat the heat. It's awesome! Perfect for cooling off. It was a relaxing time. I even learned how to play guitar hero - there is proof in the pictures below. The highlight was of course Drew. He has learned my name - its great to be an aunt! Hopefully he will remember til next time :)

Here are the pictures from the weekend....