Sunday, April 11, 2010

H-Town Bound

Easter weekend was a 3 day weekend at my office so Chris and I took advantage and headed South for some fun! During the time we lived in New Jersey we were blessed to meet many people but mostly The Thompsons! Jeff & Cindy were our very best friends while we lived there. They were such a wonderful support to us. They were also our favorite travel buddies! In May of last year they moved back to Texas and we have kept in touch. So this was our big reunion weekend! We drove down Thursday. Spent Friday & Saturday shopping, eating & watching movies. It was so wonderful! Then Saturday night we continued our reunion by meeting The Albanese's for dinner at the Galleria. Parking was a nightmare but it was totally worth it! It had been a long while since we had been able to just hang out with these 2 (now 3). Averie was cute as ever! Saturday night we landed at Casa Hobson for some more fun! Matt & Nicole welcomed James just a few months ago and we enjoyed so real time with him. The boys played some Super Mario Bros which was awesome! Sunday morning we did church and lunch and then hit the road. On the road home we were able to make one more stop to visit with my BFF Linn and her family. Always great to just hug her neck and chat. All in a ll a wonderful weekend! Looking forward to doing it again soon!