Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Should I even say anything else, I think the word MOM speaks volumes alone! It has been 7 months since my mom and I last saw each other last - way to long if you ask me, way to long! A month or so back we finally got her flight booked and began the countdown to her arrival in NJ.

Last Wednesday we picked her up at the airport and the fun began! We took her to our favorite pizza place for dinner on Wednesday, caught the matinee on Thursday followed by Chicken n Dumplins for dinner, Friday morning we dropped Chris at work and headed to the outlet mall for some shopping & then had Omaha Steaks for dinner, Saturday we snoozed and then walked around Ridgewood and had Chicken Fried Steak for dinner, & Sunday we worshipped at Brooklyn Tabernacle, had lunch at Max Brenner & relaxed the afternoon and evening away - just taking in the last bit of time together! I love her so much! Its like detox this week to get back to life as we know it. She is a great mentor to me, my best friend, my free counselor, my nieces & nephews Mimi, my husbands fantastic MIL, a fabulous chef, & most importantly a lover of Christ! I seriously could not wish for more - she is the whole package people!

Thanks for taking time out to come see us, we loved every second of it!

Childhood Friendship

Today is the 30th birthday of a childhood friend of mine. So to celebrate a small post in her honor.

Leslie and I grew up together basically from infancy through college. Its crazy to think back to all the slumber parties, youth group get togethers, social club events, ski trips, family dinners & even recent times in Lubbock we have shared. We have had many experiences together. Her laugh is contagious and I don't even have to be in her presence to think of it! She is beautiful inside and out. It has been so fun to keep up with each other through the blogosphere and hear about what a great mom and wife she is. I could only wish we lived closer and could spend more time together. How blessed we are to have parents that brought us together so many years ago. Here is to more Espresso Shakes at Daybreak in Lubbock soon!

Happy Birthday Leslie!