Friday, January 15, 2010

My Granny

I am blessed beyond measure to have had such wonderful grandparents! They lived 6 blocks away for most of my life and we were able to spend so much time with them. It was all truly priceless! There were times when I thought I might not get married before they passed - what a great gift that I could share Chris with them in their last years. The holidays this year were bittersweet. Chris & I got to spend our first Christmas at home - but my granny was to sick to be there. However we did get some incredible one on one time with her late one night at the hospital. I think I somehow knew it might be the last time I would get to visit with her. So despite the fact that it was 3am we soaked it all up. She was the granny I remembered as a kid that night - and one we had not seen in months. To say that she was a Godly woman seems to be an understatement. I learned so much from her about life and about my Lord. I miss her like crazy! But I know there will come a day when we will be reunited - oh what a glorious day that will be!

I love you Granny!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Oh how sweet it is to be on vacation....oh how hard it is to get back to reality!

We headed out New Years morning for a week vacation in MEXICO! Warm weather & all you can eat/drink! It was fabulous & I can't wait to do it all over again next year. But until then I will just soak in all these beautiful pictures! We stayed at the Aventura Spa Palace - it was wonderful! We would both highly recommend it! The hotel was great, but we did venture out to Playa for the day & also to Xel-ha. Xel-ha was beautiful! Another great recommendation for your next Mexican vacation! Chris & I both got some sun - which was awesome! I guess it makes up for our summer in NJ where we never saw the sun. Now we begin our countdown to the next bad its 6 months away :(

Sidenote: we saw lots of Iguana's and I just could not pass up the opportunity to snap their picture...sorry if its a bit excessive!