Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Promised Land?

Have you ever been to the Promised Land? Who knew it was in Pennsylvania!

This weekend we spent some quality time with our young marrieds group at church camping. We drove out to none other than PROMISED LAND STATE PARK in PA. It was a short drive to paradise (or a form of paradise). We borrowed a tent, because we are not regular campers. However we actually ended up sharing a tent with our friends Bob & Sara because the ground was so rocky we could not put both tents up. Thank goodness Bob & Sara have a large tent - we actually had our own private room :) Friday night was REALLY cold and we basically didn't sleep at all, fun times! So Saturday night we took things into our own hands & took some Tylenol PM prior to hitting the sleeping bag. Let's just say we won't go camping again without it :) There was lots of smores eating & volleyball playing - I enjoyed a restful afternoon reading. It was wonderful! Perhaps we have started a new tradition.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bill & DeeDee

The best part of living near NYC is that we have had the opportunity to see many friends while they were here on vacation. Yesterday was the perfect example. It has been forever since I saw Bill and DeeDee last. We were so thrilled that they could make time in their schedule to meet us at Virgil's for dinner! It was wonderful for them to actually meet Chris and to just catch up on everything. We can't wait to plan our trip to Brussels to see them in the next few years. We love you both very much!

Labor Day

We have officially survived our first year in NJ! This time last year we first experienced the Jersey Shore - I guess you could say that is now a Labor Day tradition for us because we did it again this year and it was wonderful! We also did several other fun things this past weekend. Chris' Aunt Debbie and Uncle John arrived last Thursday and stayed until Tuesday. On Friday we had breakfast in Ridgewood (or some of us did, I actually was at the salon getting all my hair cut off!), then we headed to the Natural History Museum in NYC to see Cosmis Collisions. It was a great museum. Saturday we had lunch in Ramsey at Brady's, then we ran by Abma's farm. Chris preached at church that evening and then we went to Nellie's for dinner with some more friends. Sunday we had tickets to the Yankee game, they lost but we enjoyed the festivities. It is the last year at the old stadium so we are glad we got to be apart of a game there. Monday morning we headed for the shore. We spent the day relaxing and watching others play around the rip current. Chris braved it for a short bit - mostly we just relaxed. I love the beach! The weather was beautiful all weekend.